Friday, December 21, 2012

The 2013 Swap Meet - new location!

The 2013 Utah VHF Society Swap Meet will be held on Saturday, February 23, 2013 in building #2 of the Legacy Events Center near the south end of the Davis County Fairgrounds in Farmington.  This is located at 151 South, 1100 West and is just west of the Davis County Sheriff's office.

Doors will open for the general public at 8 AM and for those setting up tables to sell at 7 AM.

For paid-up members, the admission will be free, but you can "re-up" your Utah VHF Society membership at the door, but if you want to avoid the rush, you can pay in advance by mail or PayPal - click here to find out how!

If you are not a member of the Utah VHF Society, you are invited to join and help support VHF and UHF repeaters throughout the state - it's still only $12 per year!

If joining the VHF Society just isn't for you, you are still welcome to the Swap Meet and bring your stuff to sell:  Admission will be $5.00 for non-member adults and $2.00 for non-member youths aged 12 and under.

If you plan to sell something, there will be a charge of $5.00 for a table and $3.00 for floor space - or if you bring your own table.  Note that this applies to members and non-members alike where, for the latter, it is in addition to the admission fee.  

(The new venue still ain't cheap, you know!)

Check back here soon for detailed driving directions and pictures of the new location.

A "new" venue for the swap meet:

It shouldn't escape your attention that this is NOT the same place as in past years:  When the Utah VHF Society went to book the 2013 event, it was discovered that the combined site and table rental had at least doubled since 2012 - and costs have been rising for years before this!  It was decided that rather than "break the bank" the Utah VHF Society would look for another location.

Because the deadline for reserving sites was approaching, other locations were checked and of those available, the Legacy Events Center was reasonable in price and still more-or-less central along the Wasatch Front.

Being in Farmington, it's unfortunate that it's about 10 or so more "freeway minutes" farther away for those coming from the south, but we'll try it this year to see how it works out.

Remember:  If you have connections or know of another venue that you might feel would be better, please let it be known using the email link below!  While it's too late to change it for 2013, we'll be happy to take suggestions for other locations in the years to come!

Send email to the Utah VHF Society (link)

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